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In an age of polarization and populism, politicians have a huge responsibility to bear. In Finland, we speak a lot about equality of opportunity but its promise is far from being achieved. We need to build a society in which everyone is accepted and valuable as they are.

The current state of politics is disgraceful. I believe that politics should not be short-sighted or used as a means to pursue one’s self-interest. Politics should be about building a society that gives everyone an equal opportunity to study, learn, understand, communicate – to develop one’s skills and to be able to be a real actor in society.

I am standing in the Finnish Parliamentary Election scheduled to be held in April 2019 as a candidate for the Social Democratic Party of Finland (SDP) in Helsinki district . The promise of my campaign is that, as a Member of Parliament, I would be an advocate for better policy making, better society and, as a labor market specialist, for a better working life.

Running a campaign is not an easy, let alone a low-cost effort. None of us can make a change alone, but together we can succeed.

Would you like to participate in my campaign? You can do it by sharing the posts on social media (although mainly in Finnish). Or you can support the campaign by donating to Jenni Karjalainen’s support association’s account:

Account name: Karjalainen kajahtaa ry
Account number: FI12 8146 9710 2248 57

Every donation, even the smallest one, counts! (Below you can find some information on the legislation concerning Finnish election funding.)

Or do you have a marvelous campaigning idea? For more information on Jenni Karjalainen’s campaign, please contact Tino Aalto, Campaign Manager,

Thank you for your interest – and your possible support.

Rules concerning election funding

In the Finnish parliamentary elections those elected as Members of Parliament and those appointed Deputy Members when the election results are confirmed, must file an election funding disclosure.

According to the Act on a Candidate’s Election Funding, no campaign contributions can be accepted unless the donor can be identified. Campaign contributions from a single donor cannot exceed EUR 6,000 in parliamentary elections.

Each individual campaign contribution and its donor must be disclosed separately if the value of such contribution exceeds EUR 1,500. The name of a private individual may not be disclosed without his or her consent if the amount donated is lower than EUR 1,500. A candidate can receive foreign funding only from private persons or from communities or foundations that represent the same ideology as the candidate.

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